Let's talk
about texts. Craft your message to get eyes on!

Send your customers a personalized thank you message, invite your entire customer base to Happy Hour, or make them an offer they can’t refuse, with exclusive custom discounts!

It’s direct and instant. When we hear our phone “ding” with a new text, our urge to open it is practically Pavlovian. 

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SMS Marketing
made simple, 160 characters is a world of opportunity-

with in-line URL’s and embedded links to your products or offers. Cut costs with expensive email campaigns that don’t guarantee results. Average email campaigns can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars, and are hit or miss when it comes to target demographics.

Now you can target your specific customers or clients while adding that personal touch, with built-in message personalization tools. there’s no better way to get in front of your customer’s eyeballs!

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Get The Digits! Engage your customers directly, on an easy to use platform, with reporting and management capabilities!

  • Send time-sensitive offers, coupons, and promotions
  • Integrate with existing marketing efforts
  • Interact with customers in real-time

Easy to use interface, clear reporting, and immediate results. Just a minute a day will put you in front of all your customersinstantaneously.

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Three easy ways! Get your customers dialed in.

  1. You can use our built in Reservation/Pager system to easily get customer info.
  2. You can upload an existing contact list (First Name, Last Name, Cell Number)
  3. Have customers’ signup on a sign in sheet (analog style)

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What can your business do withText?

Easy to use interface

Simple 'one-click' dashboard allows you to manage customer contacts and create copy that will engage your clients and customers alike. 

With SMS’s near-perfect open rates (90% of texts opened within the first 3 minutes) and response rates 2-8x that of any other marketing channel (up to 45%), you’ll LOL all the way to the bank.

Integrate with your other marketing efforts

*Concise reporting metrics allow you to instantly track performance against your other marketing efforts.

*Add a mobile opt-in form to your landing page. Include URLs in your SMS texts to increase clicks and conversions. 

*Put up a storefront sign promoting specials to mobile subscribers.

Inexpensive yet effective

With an unbelievable ROI, and a free month to get you started, all you have to do is pick your plan!